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This new multi-story bus and vehicle transit station was designed in relation and reference to the previously existing pineapple plantations located in the Wahiawa district of Oahu.  

waimanalo disrict park

City & County of Honolulu, Department of Design and Construction, Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project that provides a building hardening  assessment and design upgrades for building hardening renovations for the Waimanalo District Park Multi-Purpose building.  The work provides storm proof window-glazing, doors, and roofing system elements to withstand category hurricane force elements.  The buildings interiors are totally renovated with commercial prep-kitchen while also utilized photovoltaic system to aid in energy efficiency of existing facility. 

kaimuki high school auditorium restroom

Department of Education (DOE) project that provides the Kaimuki High School Auditorium with additional restrooms for the Auditorium and campus activity use.  The project provides additional ADAAG compliant restrooms for both the Auditorium and Campus wide events.  Facilities provide much needed restroom support spaces for all school campus activities. 

sakamaki hall

University of Hawaii at Manoa (UH), project that renovates eight of the classroom spaces for various UH programs within multiple floors of the Sakamaki Hall building.  The project provides ADAAG compliant classroom spaces with interior renovation and re-finishing of the classrooms flooring, walls and ceiling finishes.  Electrical LED lighting upgrades are also included for all classrooms.

Kennedy theater


Fern community park
Fern Elev.JPG

City & County of Honolulu, Department of Design and Construction, Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project that provides additional activity space for the Fern Community Park Multi-Purpose building.  The work provides additional natural lighting for the added program space for park activities.  The building addition utilizes the existing architectural style within the confines of the old covered lanai space. 

kapa'a soccer park
comfort stATION
SoccerField final1.jpg

Teaming with SEY Engineers and Kauai County Parks & Recreation Department, a new soccer park and comfort station design is completed for the Kapa'a community and Youth Soccer programs to expand and fulfill the need for more neighborhood park facilities.  

The hanape stadium concourse+concessions building
Copy of Hanapepe Stadium Concours.jpg

We are please to be working with SEY Engineers, Kauai County Department of Parks & Recreation and the Waimea High School Staff to develop a new concours and concessions facility for the Hanapepe Stadium.  The design of the new building includes certified prep-kitchen, concessions, ticket booth and restroom facilities.  Another one of a kind project by Kauai County.


Sinclair Exterior_Cam 2.jpg
university of hawaii at manoa, student sucess center

The Sinclair Library Renovation includes the Modernization and Renewal of the building’s exterior and interior spaces (115,000 SF). A world class Student Success Center will elevate the University of Hawaii (UH) into the forefront for higher education, college learning, college living while fostering quality student and faculty experiences on campus.  This modernization project will upgrade current life-safety systems, improve the energy efficiency for the buildings deteriorating equipment and systems related to air-conditioning, fire-protection, plumbing, electrical service and power distribution, data and telecommunication systems, and restroom modernization. A new Student Success Center will provide a safe and interactive environment where students can exchange experiences, learn from their peers, and be active in accomplishing their goals.

queen victoria kamamalu building

The project is an existing 9-story office building. The Architectural scope of work completed new building interiors + exterior renovations, new electrical, plumbing and fire-protection  systems for an Historic Hawaii high-rise building. 

Copy of Kapaa Police Substation_Cam 1_High Res.jpg
Kapa'a police substation

AM Partners, Inc is currently working with Kauai County Building Division and Chief Raybuck of the Kauai County Police Department on this exciting project that will serve the Kapa'a community.  A brand-new Police Substation to service the neighborhood of Kapa'a.  The completed design program includes a number of activities vital for the Kauai Police Department to support the surrounding communities. The project will include community meeting room and presentation facilities to provide open communication with the community.  The substation will house a new dispatch center, operations office, holding facilities, officers’ offices, locker rooms and training rooms.


The DOE and the Aiea Intermediate Schools have a new concept STEM learning program to establish and incorporate modern day technology and robotics into a shared curriculum that also offers vocational skills and workshop opportunities for middle school students.  The Aiea Intermediate School Applied Technology Center is a new concept building model that will incorporate electronics, robotics clean shop classroom with typical heavy tool workshop equipment and functions.  This new concept classroom building is designed to maximize hands on involvement and collaboration within a learning environment.

kcc 005.jpg
KCC Library + administration center

The University of Hawaii Kauai Community Center is a new two-story library and administration building development that was planned and designed by AM Partners Inc.  The architectural design completed the new building, interiors, landscaping and all related site improvements,  to include new parking areas and civil works to support the development.

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